14 September, London — the Drofa Comms Agency team was lucky enough to attend the GDF Global Summit discussing how sustainable Bitcoin is and how it impacts climate change. “Opponents argue that Bitcoin is a climate disaster responsible for destroying decades of progress made on environmental issues. Proponents counter that Bitcoin mining is one of the most sustainable and greenest industries on the planet. Neither claim holds up when subjected to the test of evidence.”

The main verdict here is that there’s no verdict at all. As well as no certainty on the best next steps. …

We’re pleased to announce that the multinational DROFA team keeps expanding its borders. This time we’re heading to Latin America, and our first stop will be in Brazil. We see great potential in this region and have big plans for it. That’s why we need two companions on this promising journey — a PR manager and a copywriter.

Our future PR manager’s ideal profile:
- Strong connections with financial media of Brazil
- Understanding of the crypto market and blockchain industry
- Fluency in English (oral/written)
- The ability to write and translate quickly and qualitatively from English to Portuguese and vice versa
- Being…

In a changing world, where metrics and technical parameters estimate the effectiveness of your communications, it is easy to forget about the main thing — words. In fact, no matter how much effort, time, and money we spend on promotion, it will not be effective without words that are spoken in the right place, at the right time, and in the right manner. That is why in today’s article Valentina Drofa, our CEO and founder, decided to share with you 3 main communication mistakes that may lead to real losses.

2. Posting arguable or too private content on social networks

Before the pandemic, every issue, be it global or routine, in 99% of cases could have been solved only in person. But 2020 has changed everything, giving us more private space but making it much more complicated to coordinate huge teams. While fintech and IT industries adopted the remote regime quite easily, organizations from other sectors struggled to stay afloat at the beginning when everything went online. For us, the need to work from home and from anywhere did not come as a shock. We did this before the lockdown and continue to do so after, while remaining a united…

PR rules may seem universal, especially when the world spins around news and media. Why do more if general schemes work, right? As PR experts with over 10 years of experience in working with financial and fintech companies and dozens of successful cases, we decided to share with you 5 benefits of working with specialized PR agencies.

1. Trust your words without a doubt

We bet you always easily notice when an author is not completely sure what he is talking about. That’s exactly what happens when a topic goes into the hands of those who don’t dive deep into…

At the end of May, City A.M. launched on its platform the first DeFi & Digital Inclusion Online Summit, dedicated to all aspects of the functioning of digital assets. We took part in several panels of this large-scale expert discussion. This is what the leading traders and lawyers of the industry predict for the cryptocurrency:

‘The revolution will not be centralized’

Chris Kacher, a famous trader and host of several broadcasts on CNBC, Bloomberg and Reuters, concluded that we won’t be seeing a midlife crisis for cryptocurrencies in the next decade. At the same time, according to Kacher, Ethereum’s fortune…

On May 4th, several sessions were held on the platform FT Live by Financial Times. One the first day of The Global Boardroom, the conversation was attended by Melinda Gates, Pierre Gramegna (Minister of Finance of Luxembourg), Ajay Bhalla (President, Cyber & Intelligence of Mastercard) and other key managers in the financial sector.

At the online meeting bankers and financial analysts discussed the main trends in the banking system. And here are the top 5 innovations these experts highlighted:

1. Traditional payment systems will continue to invest in Blockchain

Speaking at the conference, Ajay Bhalla (Cyber & Intelligence, Mastercard) admitted…

Is India the New China?

India, however, is a special case. Whenever we talk about countries with large populations, everyone first thinks of China as the world’s most populous country, forgetting India, whose population is just slightly smaller at 1.4 billion people. This is the world’s third-largest consumer market, and it’s surprising that India is mentioned far less when talking about major global trade.

India has set an ambitious goal of becoming one of the world’s leading countries. Modern India is a young country with one of the world’s most rapidly developing economies. …

“Why Asia?”

The answer to this question is obvious to anyone who is the least bit involved in business. This region is currently setting the pace for global economic growth and actively expands on trends that come from the West. Entering the Asian market is the dream of many companies, especially in tech. The Asian-Pacific region is a logical next step for their business.

Developed countries are still out ahead of developing countries in just about every market measure. Nonetheless, investors are paying more and more attention to the rapidly growing Asian markets. No surprise there: imagine having a gigantic…

The pandemic has caused businesses to shift online en masse. Concurrently, there has been a massive boost to online promotion methods: in particular, we have seen a rise in popularity for webinars where market experts share their advice on what businesses need to do to survive. In light of these circumstances, Valentina Drofa, founder and CEO of Drofa Communication Agency, decided to share her secrets for conducting successful webinars.

I remember when I was starting out with my first webinars 11 years ago, when I founded a platform to teach people how to trade. At the time, the online education…

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