Boost your business: creating a promotional strategy in 8 simple steps

No matter if you are a small brand new startup or a large successful company, media promotion is an integral part of developing your business and expanding your target audience. Here is a 8-step guide that will help you create a promotional strategy for any budget, choose the most relevant media channels, and avoid common mistakes.

Step 1. Create a business statement

Putting down answers to these questions will make it easy to write your business statement. It will help you to move steadily and confidently to your goals, avoid distractions, find the most efficient ways to communicate with your partners and employees, and so on.

Step 2. Define your marketing goals

Step 3. Study the target audience

This step will give you a better understanding of how to engage with your clients through the media they read and the social networks they use.

Step 4. Analyze the competition

When you find out which strategies are efficient for your rivals, you will be able to adapt them to your business and create your unique approach.

Step 5. Set the budget

Step 6. Choose your social media

Remember: you, as well as your employees, are the face of your business — so pay attention to what you post on your personal page as well. It’s best if you all list your current position in your profile whenever it is possible.

Step 7. Use social journalism platforms

It’s best to register a Medium account a few months before starting your promotion, — so when you do, you will already have some history of posts and comments. If you do so, you will create more trust for your business from both clients and the media.

Step 8. Pick online and offline media for your promotion

Make your choice based on the promotional goals you’ve defined earlier, your budget, and your research on the target audience. If your topic is relevant to the media, and if its audience belongs to your target group, then it looks like a good pick for you.


Defining a working marketing strategy is just the first step in promoting your business — but, for sure, one of the most important ones. With these eight steps, you will be well prepared for promoting your business and strengthening your media presence.

PR for finance, fintech and blockchain startups and companies. Based in the UK.

PR for finance, fintech and blockchain startups and companies. Based in the UK.